Globe MyFi

Grrr, we shifted to Globe MyFi from SunBro last September. Php999 subsciption plan + Php99.
Last month our bill was Php1032, but this month? a whopping Php2533.92!!!!!
I emailed talk@globetel.com.ph asking for explanation and they reply was: there's a top of bill charges when shared to other devices??? What??? 

I asked for the Terms and Conditions because I don't remember such thing. I'm still waiting for their response...


Tutti Frutti

Self service froyo shop where you get your own cup, fill it with yogurt, choose your toppings and weigh. Php20 per oz.

Our 2 small cups cost Php 202. Thanks to my CashCashPinoy voucher (Pay only 100 for 200 worth) so we only add php2 wee!

I chose Blueberry flavored yogurt and then topped with blueberry also, cherry, almonds.
The other cup is Taro flavored - tastes good than mine, with cherry, kiwi and jelly toppings.

Located at 3L Glorietta 4.


Mushroom Burger

After that car accident, we had our very late lunch at around 2PM. We thought of just having a drive thru in Mcdo/Jollibee but we always eat their burgers and we want something different this time. We stopped by Mushroom Burger in Katipunan. We ordered Mushroom Burger Steak Php46 and Pinoy Burger Php55. First time to eat 'Mushroom Burger'.

Car Accident, Again

It's been a while since my last post, I have been busy for the past days. And one of the stressful day is when we searched for QCPD to report a minor car accident. (Will post delicate details soon) Thank goodness, no major damage.

We went in Eastwood but they don't have Traffic Management Office so they referred us to QCPD. It took us time to get there, we don't have a map with us. We asked for directions, the other man said turn right on Sigmor --- which turns out SaveMore (honestly I heard S-i-g-m-o-r). Then he said look for Mapagbigay St. where after searching for such street and asking a stranger once again... it turns out it should be Madasalin St. Whew!

QCPD is big but the Traffic Management Office is small and they're using manual typewriter.

So there, for a week once again, we need to commute. ;( It's very difficult on our part because we always bring our laptop, water, food etc. Hope it won't rain...

How to go to QCPD or Camp Karingal:
1. Turn right to the first street after Anonas LRT Station if you're from Katipunan. Enter Sikatuna Village. Turn right on SaveMore. Turn right when you reached Madasalin Street.

2. The other way which is much faster, is via Katipunan (when you go to Circle/UP) passing by Ateneo and Miriam College.


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