Christmas 2015

A few days before Christmas, we watched Star Wars in Robinsons Galleria. 
They have a promo of free photobooth when you buy a pair of ticket :D
I love that the movie was light and wholesome.
We are not fanatics, in fact I already forgot what happen from the last trilogy so we need to watch those again.

I tried to avoid the christmas rush plus traffic by starting to complete my presents wayback November.
I bought some from Human Nature as always, then wrap them with recycled, paper  bags from HHN too. And the matching tag comes from Papemelroti, so cute.

After N years, hello puto bumbong.
One can really feel the christmas spirit when eating this festive kakanin :)

Our noche buena as always, spaghetti, chicken bbq, pork bbq, macaroni salad and my mom also cooked potato chips while I added cucumber sticks  and made the ketchup + mayo dip. :D

M spent the eve of Christmas with us and then we went to their house the next day 25th.

after christmas....... 

someone was very, very tired from road trip and all stress. ;p

at least she got a stuffed toy as a present

Happy Christmas!


Giveaway: Starbucks Planner, Papemelroti Mini Notepad

Only a few days before Christmas!
It's the time of the year where I am in a lookout for my next year's planner.
I love writing my Todos, writing events and crossing dates on my planners, yeah not just one.
It just the matter of discovering what will work for you.
My current 2015 mini-planner is from Papemelroti, and I have separate notebook where I write my daily Todos. I also use Excel to plan and outlook calendar online. 
I also discovered that desk calendar are also very helpful.
I wanted to make sure that I use my time wisely :)

And for the 1st time ever, I am having a giveaway :))
The small starbucks planner and a mini notepad from papemelroti.
I originally wanted to buy Papemelroti's mini planner but it's out of stock already in their megamall branch O_O

Mechanics are very simple :)
I made a new fan page lol

Fill up the rafflecopter below or in the FB page


Ramen Nagi

Hello December! Cold weather calls for hearty warm soup :)
and just in case you are planning to shop and dine in podium, I'm sharing our Ramen Nagi experience ;p

Simple japanese interior

Our order amazingly came fast :)

M ordered the Butao King, pork broth ramen and just checked Chef's recommendation on the order checklist.
I tasted the soup and it was very comforting, something you would want if you're not feeling well.
The Chef's recommendation has level 1 spiciness and I think it was already very spicy :/ how much the higher levels?

Butao King@ Php390

Ever since I saw their huge menu poster in Podium before their opening, I already set up my mind to order the Green King hehehe. It has basil so it tastes like you're eating pesto pasta with a soup.

Green King Php410

We were so hungry that time so I ate  all the noodles but I was not able to sip all the soup.
They have no takeout policy for the ramen.
From the two, I think I like M's order hehehe. My green king has that "sawa/umay" factor kasi :/

Ramen Nagi
G/F Podium


The Halal Guys

With the sale going on and holiday rush, traffic was really terrible. By the time we arrived in Mega we were already hungy :/

I wanted to try Halal Guys to taste their falafel.
I have learned and cook my own version before which I post here

M ordered regular Combo (Gyro and Chicken) on rice.

I ordered Falafel small size. The small size serving is already plenty and very filling for me.
It has 3 balls of falafel, tomatoes, lettuce, bread and rice. 
I was able to eat only 1.5 of the falafel and was not able to finish my rice and bread.
The falafel which is made of beans was a bit dry so I should've order extra white sauce.

Long lines during peak hours but the line moves fast. 
By the time you are in the counter, your order is ready.

The Halal Guys
5/F Fashion Hall, Megamall


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