Tokyo Tokyo New Burgers

A week of 'healthy' food makes us looking forward to weekend =)

So this post a bit late as I am busy the entire week trying to fix the bugs in my program that never seems to end... (developer's life!)

Last week, Fridate, mike and I missed Mcdo so much that we ate a lot of Mcdo Fries! hehe 

Then Saturday, after work, mike picked me up at Megamall for my dinner treat :)
We haven't tried Tokyo Tokyo new burgers, haven't been in this place for a loooong time.

Both Burgers at P95 each + P50 for fries and drink
Shogun Burger - with onion rings, cheese, teriyaki sauce

Shiitake mushroom

Japanese Fries with nori I think
Originally, I chose the shiitake mushroom burger but mike like it more than the Shogun so we exchange =p I like the onion rings and sweet sauce.

Tomorrow's fridate and I still can't decide on where to pig out ;p
This coming weekend, we'll be going home to Laguna, we both miss home cook (real) meals! 



Joji's Delight Peanut Butter with Malunggay

I thought I'd share my newest discoveries ;)  

I have had a very busy month that I don't have much time to prepare/cook healthy foods, still managed to squeezed in making 'healthy' sandwiches. I think I consumed mostly sandwiches for the past weeks, not eating rice for lunch and dinner. I suddenly felt symptoms of Iron deficiency so I decided to take supplements. I used to take Centrum before (rarely),  this time I want something herbal/natural. I'm now taking Carica's Malunggay Capsule. I would try to share a separate post about its wonder, soon.

One day, even though I knew about the healthy benefits of Malunggay, I still searched the net to read more about it and that's when I stumbled on Joji's delight after clicking on some links here and there..
Php 195 for 500 grams


Human Nature Haul and Discount Voucher for all

My human nature order arrived today yey (I placed an order last week and requested them to ship it today) 

I like their box, somewhat made me feel I'm receiving a subscription beauty box hihi
Huge Box!

Restocking some items... 

i like their strengthening shampoos, my review on them here

i also got a new lipstick to try - First Kiss and hope to post a review soon

I ordered 2k worth of products and paid only P1500 bec. of my discount, huge savings!
It has been 4 mos since I last ordered? :( I have restocked a lot on my last purchased

They have a lot of new items I would really like to try them all soon!

And they are kind enough to give 10% discount to dealer's friends on their initial purchases + loyalty card for more freebies :) A chance to try HHN products and save :)

If you like to avail of this discount, click on the photo above for  a printable voucher or online discount voucher. Share this too  :)


Sbarro's Mushroom and Spinach Pizza, and Chatime at Megamall

How's weekend?

Woke up early last Sat for work, mike picked me up afterwards for dinner treat  :)

I'm craving for Sbarro's Spaghetti in Tomato sauce, (we consumed it immediately ;p )
and then we tried their Mushroom and Spinach Pizza
somehow a guiltless dinner 

And then, I've heard Chatime is now open at Megamall Bldg A (previous location of GoNuts Donuts)
 their place is cute and chic with violet and pink chairs

as always, it would be mike's fave - pearl milk tea 

We just stayed at home for Sunday, I still continue to work (but I'm not complaining :) habit actually) and then watched One Piece, internet was kinda slow so we also watched 3 episodes of Deadly Women  while having our meal/snack time, it's a documentary film/case. :)


Ang Mo Kio at Podium

Ang Mo Kio @ Podium

first time to try Char Kway Teow, it's good, sweet, salty and spicy, stir-fried mixed curly and flat noodles
 and mike chose Chicken Wings and rice
3 Wings Php135, Rice Php25
 and of course milk tea, Cold Teh Tarik, which is not that sweet but still fine

Somewhat outdoor ambiance :)

Thanks for my bunchkin's treat (^_^)


Edna's Cakeland and Mother's Day Weekend

When I learned that my younger bro is staying at Cabanatuan for work, I begged him to bring home a box taisan and cheeserolls from Ednas Cakeland just in time for Mother's day :) yey!

the best taisan pramis! melt in your mouth goodness
Yummy Cheese Rolls :)

My previous cakeland post.

Aside from Asian Secrets Lulur products I won online, I gave them something to play with... 

...Etude Hair coloring that I won from Lucky Citrine. They were having hard time figuring out the usage directions because there is no English translation lolz 


Yaku and DrinkTea at Podium

So this time, I want some Japanese food (or actually the thought of using chopstick and dipping it in soy sauce w/ wasabi)...

free appetizer

Gyudon P199
 My kani maki:

Stolen shot :)

Then milk tea after paying our Globe bill . This milk tea store is located right beside Globe.
 I liked their minty, chewy pearls :)

Stressful week! thanks for my bunchkin's treat :)


Orchard Road: Hainanese Chicken and Laksa

Mike and I  agreed to meet up and have our dinner at Orchard Road Megamall.
I thought it's located on 3F but I went until 5F and I can't still find it :/  I was so tired looking for it when Mike texted me it's on 2F @_@

Me: "Nakarating ako sa 5th floor!"
Mike:"Ang OA mo naman, hanggang 4F lang naman ako!" 

Yummy Photos :)

Hainanese Chicken w/ Rice Php195

Laksa Noodles Php185 So my first time to try Laksa (hmmm taste like spicy sopas w/ curry)

Milk Tea Php75

Thanks for the treat!  (^_^) 


April in Photos

Woah it's May! 
So I thought I should came up with a post like this every end of month, few photos from our phone aside from what I already posted.

1st row:
-Hot and humid weather = good excuse for Cornetto Choco Java :)
-Chocolates from mike...I eat chocolate almost everyday @_@

2nd row:
-Chocolates from officemate
-Milk tea :)
-Miso soup - my new reliable standby discovery 

last row:
-Jipan's - no sugar, no egg, no butter pandesal (it's been a week of no rice lunch (got bored of rice...))
-Colored Pan de coco fillings from mike's home
-Brew - our beloved intelligent dog, we will miss him

And I gained 2Kilos!!! from 38kg now at 40 @_@  blame it on the weather!
Will be very very busy this month, I need to render overtime -_- But looking forward on finishing my project, Bring it on!


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