Casita Ysabel Batangas

It's our 1st wedding anniv so we planned a batangas getaway with these two   :)

Surprisingly, Julia behaved well and just slept comfortably while Snowbell looked uneasy and was awake for the entire trip

The road to Anilao is winding just like in Luisiana

paikot-ikot plus  pababa - pataas

After almost 4 hours, we reached our destination.
This is the entrance road to Casita - narrow and steep!

buti na lang maliit lang sasakyan namin


Our hut - Maria 


lovely view from our balcony

We arrived there by lunch time and these were served to us. 


Resident dog - Buttons, if I remember correctly.
He was just there beside our table, minding his own business ;p

We fell asleep and woke up around 5PM then went out for a stroll 

Then dinner time

Another resident dog - Simba - puppy eyes for the food :) 

Back to our hut, these 2 kept on looking outside
enjoying the view??? ;p

so afterwards, they got tired ;p

the next day...  we went out as early as 6AM

Breakfast - omelet, malunggay pandesal

behave two doggies :)


Plakda na naman
We left the resort at around 9AM. Our stay was great and food was ok too. We did not go for a swim. We just enjoyed our time with these two and lots of sleep too. It was very tiring to go from one hut to another(reception, dining) bec. of the steep stairs so I would say that the place is not advisable for the elderly. 

There's a parade on our way back :)

Maria Hut Php5200
Dogs Php500each per night
Fullboard meals Php1200/pax


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