Mayutama Cocoon Cleanse

Spotted at Bazaar in Nuvali (just a a km away from Paseo de Sta Rosa)

Si Carlo ng Mara Clara ;p
He's in the booth and personally explained all about this cocoon cleanse.

Big 30 Pizza at Paseo de Sta Rosa

After having our yogurt at White Berry, we went to this crowded store, Oh men they have lots of customers even though their serving time is one hour! Cheap, our bill is only P1k - 20inch pizza+pasta+tower of juice.

Our 20-inch pizza

Carbonara - good! bacon goes to bf ;)

Pineapple juice Tower

Left overs

Oh I forgot to buy Fanta Grapes!!!

White Berry at Paseo de Sta Rosa

My first time at Paseo de Sta Rosa, the place is soo big, looks like Bonifacio High Street
Since it is so mainit, we stopped for froyo

P85 regular + P15 for one topping

Nikko's cup Graham+Mango

My cup - Blueberry

Jena's cup - Chocolates

Yung mga pictures na kamukha ni Judy Abott ;p


Muji at Rockwell

I saw this cutie raincoat at Muji.
The collar looks like it does not have a hood at the back.
Cost Php2450!!! Oh where can I find a cheaper one...

These soft squared pillow looks perfect for the japanese style sala I wanted, cost Php1k++ each ;(

Elbert's CheeseSteak at Rockwell

Thanks to my Twangoo voucher (P300 only for P600 worth of food)
Beef goes to bf hehe ;)
I love their fries. Add P80 for fries and drinks
 Hoagie size, American Cheesesteak P240
Steak only @ P210, add P70 for mushroom

The Old Spaghetti House

After our target shooting at Jethro, lunch at TOSH , Waltermart (near makati cinema square)

 Spinach soup @ P65

Power Lunch @ Php150

Jethro Target Shooting

Its my 2nd time, yet Im still scared  T_T
With Arian, Angie and Maylette

Haha si Arian may lagpas sa target, hehe (peace!)

Jethro @ Makati Cinema Square
1st Basement Level
P200/head fire range fee
P900 - 50 bullets
P11 - target paper
(oopps i forgot the other fees)


MMFF at Eastwood Cinema

Thanks to Eastwood mall for free 2 Dalaw Tickets. Wee!
For me, Sukob is scarier. Yucky part is when Dieter and Kris kissed. Eeewww!

Since we are already in Eastwood to avail our free movie tix for Dalaw, we also watched RPG Metanioa afterwards. From Eastwood Mall we ran to Citywalk, didnt know then that Cinema 1-4 is at Citywalk then 5-7 is at Eastwood Mall.

Thumbs up for RPG Metanioa (dubbing, story, everything) EXCEPT for this:

Daniel looks like Shikamaru, even the "intellectual" ability, you know what I mean... (hmp! Shikamaru is my favorite!)


New Year celebration

Mom's first time to cook Pancit Lucban. Sooo yummy that it was the only dish I ate that night. They also cooked Pork BBQ, grilled Tuna, Spaghetti, Macaroni Salad, Buko Salad, Suman.
Inuman while videoke

Agawan ng barya


Nuvali Sta Rosa with Girlfriends

Fish feed cost Php15
Amazing sila magagawan ng food, wala na sa tubig!

Then we ate at Brothers Burger ^^
Regular burger @ P120

2011 New Year's Resolution

I don't remember my last new year resolution... highschool?? haha. Well this is a tough decision. I have to think over and over whether I should publish it here... but since I really want to achieve it I have to let everyone know so to have me accountable with my words.

1. Vegetarian

Finally! I'm decided!
I have been a pescetarian (eating meat occasionally) last year. As for me, being a vegetarian doesn't mean that I will starve myself if there is no vegetarian friendly food on the table or throwing food because it is not vegan. If it's beyond my control then I can do nothing about it. I have to really made smart choices then. Planning what to eat is essential. I should bring food with me always haha!

I think it is not very difficult at all because there are stores where I can buy some Tofu or Veggie meat. (Dr. Tam's Vegan Haus)

Our 13 fruits this new year!
2. Going Green

Last year, I started seggregating, doing 3R's and using paper or resusable bags.
And now, I will say NO to styro too! I rather bring my own food container. Haha! I think it is OK to ask   fastfood for that.  Goodluck to me. 

Jollibee Olivarez LB, used reusable plastic containers instead of styro

3. Biological clock

For some reason, I always wake up after 5 hours of sleep every night. From now on will sleep and wake up at the same time everyday accdg to my biological clock.. Say goodbye to dark under eye circle.

4. Attitude
Will be more understanding, positive and will control my temper Hehe! Be a better person this year. I will not be masungit!

5. Plan, Plan, Plan 
If I fail to plan, I plan to fail.

Welcome 2011! good luck to my resolution!  \m/


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