Christmas 2014

Some highlights of my Christmas :)


I handed out this card as a gift to friends.
Last year some of our friends also received something like this, (I forgot to blog about that)
I hope that through this, some of our friends will learn about the many ways of helping our furry friends in need. 

M and I also agreed not to buy each other a gift and just give a donation to PART.
I'm already thankful for my "unwrapped" gifts and besides, my wishlist is becoming bongga like a kitchen makeover or a new condo lol ;p

Encarnacion Salon

Yesterday, I accompanied one of my bff for a pampering session in Binan Laguna - foot spa, mani, pedi and haircut

madami palang tao sa salon pag bisperas

aaand I'm short hair again!

I plan to donate my hair to cancer patients.
 I learned that you can send it  to Papemelroti and Human Nature stores :)

I got home at around 5PM, I still have time to wrap my gifts.
I gave Human Nature products to some of our relatives  :)

Noche Buena

 We have a simple feast after opening our gifts.

spaghetti, chicken and pork bbq, lechon paksiw, lumpiang shanghai, macaroni salad 
and some sweets gifts

Fruitcake! I haven't tasted one for the longest time :)
I used to hate this when I was a kid lolz!

I hope that we all have a wonderful and meaningful Christmas. Enjoy!


Memory Lane Tagaytay

For the 3rd time in a month, we're back again in Tagaytay!
This time, it's a get together with my highschool bffs.
One of them saw my Sky Ranch post and suggested that we also visit it.

I suggested to have our lunch first at the pretty place of Memory Lane.

We ordered their Tagaytay Bulalo (good for 4). Huge servings compared to Leslies. 
Very tasty soup and lots of veggies and meat :) 
M said that the meat is not as soft as Leslies but I didn't notice that hehe

Tagaytay Bulalo Php695

 My friend was craving for a sinigang so we had another order of a soupy bowl.
asim kilig!
Sinigang Bangus Belly Php495
 I don't know why they still order a bulalo steak ;p
The four of us were already full from the bulalo and sinigang.
This one does not complement the two soups that we had before. 
I think it's better to eat with fried foods.
Bulalo Steak Php395

There is also an area inside where they sell assorted cute stuff.

After  our long chat of catch ups and satisfying ourselves with taking photos of everything, 
we headed to Sky Ranch, where we continued our chat while strolling :)


Sky Ranch Tagaytay

We're back to Tagaytay again to celebrate my mom's birthday in advance.


Lunch @ Leslie's

There's a branch of Leslie's inside SkyRanch. Other food establishments I saw are Kuse, Uncle Cheffy, Rue Bourbon, Krispy Kreme, KFC , food stalls of Master Siomai, Bibingkinitan, Waffles, TJ hotdogs, etc (parang mall ba). 

I chose Leslie's to experience eating bulalo again. Compared to Alegre's, Leslie's bulalo has a a very few veggies and a very, very soft meat :)

Other items we ordered: Sizzling Kangkong, Fried tawilis and Pork Sisig.
Hmm the kangkong taste weird, not good to combine with everything. 

Then we went inside Skyranch :)
My lil bro and cousins enjoyed some rides while the adults just strolled around.

We also passed by Loumars. 
Their buko tart (P190) is overly sweet for my taste and has very few buko fillings.

My fave take home of the day: 

There was a manong who sells delicious suman cassava in Petron located at the fork going to Mahogany market. I bought 12 pcs for P100 :)


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