Holidays 2017

It's only been 2 months since M and I changed to a vegan lifestyle.

My family is very supportive with this and so allowed me to suggest what we will have for our Noche Buena ;p

Top: Vegan Lechon, Fried potatoes & cauliflower, Vegan Cheese, Vegan Tomato Spaghetti sauce, Pesto and Macaroni salad

I bought the Vegan Chevre Cheese from In a Nutshell. It pairs well with crackers. 
Check out their FB and Instagram here:

I helped in preparing the pasta. Mom cooked the Tomato Spaghetti sauce with Tofu and Mushrooms while I am in charged of preparing the Pesto sauce.

For the Macaroni salad, we used 2 kinds of mayo- from Healthy Options and one from 
The Real Happy Cow

The Vegan Lechon kawali also comes from The Real Happy Cow and surprisingly tastes like the Lechon Kawali :)

For the New Year's media noche, we spent it with M's hometown.
I also brought Vegan Lechon, Vegan cheese and Glutenfree crackers from Healthy Options

And also this Mango Vinaigrette Salad dressings from Gourmet Farms when we went to Merkado Supermarket :)

2016 was the year we changed our lifestyle:

1. We no longer go to movie house. We just rent from GooglePlay, iTunes or Amazon.
That's 150 pesos versus 1k  (500 for the tickets and 500 food for the 2 of us)
2. We minimize eating out, less food trips.
3. The money we save from not going to movie dates and food trips? we donate it to animal welfare groups :) 
4. and it also means more budget for our rescued dog Boni 💓
5.  Going Vegan became easy for us because we were already eating less meat or being a pesco-ovo-vegetarian for a long time. 

Ready for 2017!
These are my planner & notebook from Papemelroti 👍


Christmas Gift Ideas: Animal Welfare Groups Merchandise

If you also love giving gifts that give back, check out these animal welfare groups merchandise, proceeds will go to their rescued animals. 💓

I ordered shirts from here and the seller is very accommodating :)
Available items are shirts, bags, wallets, notebooks and planners

Available items: Shirts, mugs, bags, umbrellas, wallclock etc

If you are near Elbi, you can order and pick up these cute mugs from LB Advocates of Animal Welfare group
how cute is this!your dog on your shirt 😁
 maybe this is something you want to gift for yourself 😋

We have supported a campaign from TeeTalk before and I'm happy with the quality of the shirts.
It comes with a pouch and notes about TeeTalk's advocacy.

Let me know if there are other animal welfare groups that have items for sale this Christmas 

Happy Shopping!


VegFest Pilipinas 2016

Time to discover local vegan products!

I think that these vegan desserts will make a good Christmas giveway so I tried all the free taste here at Jertie's Kitchen ;p

Same here @ Earth Desserts ;p

I found a Veggie Meat in one of the stall :)  (P60)

We tried Planted Vegan burgers (P120)

Corned Beet Sandwich 
-a bit spicy for my taste, so I switched with M

Falafel burger

I always cook falafel but not as thick as this one and adding onion gives a tangy taste :)

Take Root

Statement Shirts

I would love to buy one that says "Vegan" but they don't have it in Gray.

Vegan Cupcakes
Malunggay, Smores, Mango cupcakes

Non-Dairy Ice cream from Super Scoops

Greenery Kitchen , where I bought Vegan Bagoong for only P100/bottle

We bought Hummus (P150) and Pita bread (P100) 

The stall where I bought Mushroom atchara (P130)

 Climate Change topic on the stage

CARA (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals) Welfare was there too to talk about Responsible Pet Ownership, Spay and Neuter

Tshirts @ P400

Cutie Patooties!

Before going home, bought Mushroom Sisig  for takeout :)

some of my vegfest haul :)
Hummus, pita bread and Veggie lechon - not in the picture

Mushroom sisig tasted good with lots of kalamansi :)

 You can still join the Vegfest until tom Nov 13 @ Eastwood City.
Next week they will be at Lucky Chinatown.


Real Food @ Molito Alabang

After our brunch @ Designer Bloom's cafe,  just a few steps away,
we found a healthy neighborhood grocer :)

It's like Healthy Options store for our local products.
Or more like, Echo Store

And they carry a lot of products - some are familiar and others I haven't heard of.

I just bought some of our staples from Echo store so on our trip here, I only bought 1 tray of their organic eggs.

 Coconut flour, nutritional yeast, Chips

Happy place!

We scanned the place not just once, checking out each and everything, reading labels, exclaiming 'ay mero palang ganito' ;)

There's no excuse of going 'healthy-healthyhan' nowadays ;p


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