Pioneer St. Market

My initial goal was to visit My Little Store's The Gourmet Pantry

I've been following their FB account for a while as they carry the products that I wanted to try.

Bottles of bangus belly, tuyo, different spreads and even a vegetarian lechon sauce!

love this coco water in a bottle

I bought my fave salad dressing from Whisk. I have blogged about this before:

and also tried this Made by Max almond butter in Cinnamon Vanilla

All-Natural :)

Another stall sells organic produce where we bought a tray of free range organic eggs for P12 each

Another stall, HomeGrown Organics also sells organic produce but for affordable price
I bought tomatoes, turmeric, lettuce, carrots for Php170+

Another stall where we bought Garlic bread and Ube-filled (P35) doughnuts :)

There are also other stalls that sells food items, ice cream and drinks that you can buy after shopping for your organic veggies.

The place is like a mini food court with tables and chairs in the middle.

There are also stall outside and some open bar too.

We no longer buy factory farmed eggs so M is willing to drive me back here :)

Pioneer St Market is located at the back of HMR, Pioneer Mandaluyong
Open from 11am-9pm every Sat and Sunday


August 2016: Life Lately

I was not able to update this space for a while. 

Got very busy and all I wanna do on weekend is to do nothing ;p

One weekend, we drove to Laguna for sis-in-law and grandma-in-law(is there such a term?hehe) birthdays.   

It was just a simple celebration over lunch in their new house.
For dessert, I've got to taste this Avocado ice cream for the first time and it is good. :)

After that we drove back to our house to celebrate my youngest bro 19th birthday 
We bought Mernel's cake for him :)

 I got a chance to eat a lot of sushi and maki for a colleagues birthday treat at yakimix :)

One weekend, we went to Salcedo Market.
I ordered Pinangat na Gabi in one of the stalls. 
I just realize I love anything with gata :)

We also bought this Pili Butter :)
I used to love butter on pandesal but since we are staying away from dairy products, this is a good alternative. 

At the last week of this month I got stomach flu and was not feeling well for almost a week.
Last month I have dry cough that lasted for weeks so my mom gave me Lagundi.
I guess my immune system got weak as I now wake up very early in the morning. :/

eto pala ang itsura ng lagundi :)

Ber months ahead :)


Bahay ni San Jose Nueva Ecija

One of the awesome way to celebrate a birthday is to share your blessings to others :)

I'm happy that my bro is trying to teach this to their daughter at a very young age. 
Last year we celebrated it at Teresa Orsini Homes  which I blogged about here
(although of course I think my 2yo niece is too young to grasp the idea back then ;p)

This time, it was just a very simple celebration, no programs nor games. 
The kids welcomed us, said their prayer and then we feast on homecooked food of spaghetti, pansit, hotdogs, etc. 

It was only a gathering of our families but they still sent out this invitation.

The place has its own chapel and it's quite spacious. 
 It took us 3.5 hours trip on a Sunday morning. 

The kids are mostly boys of age 3-10, I think. 

My wish for my niece and for the kids in this place is that they grow up as a wise, strong and a  God-fearing person..

"There is no better way to celebrate a birthday than to commit a special act of goodness. It is easy enough to say you are thankful; it is far better to show it by doing a kind deed, something that you did not do yesterday. Not because someone is forcing you. Not because someone suggests it. But simply because your inner goodness, your soul, wants to express its thanks for being born and alive."  via


Furry Love: Boni

When Snowbell came into our life, I became aware of things that are related to dogs including facebook groups/sites of animal welfares. I didnt realize that there are animals in need every single day.

In one of the fb groups I follow, I stumbled upon "Mandy's" photo and I felt uneasy. He was named Mandy bec he was found in Boni Mandaluyong, later on he was renamed to Boni.

I contacted Ronald De Castro of Deparo Shelter and also Renz whom we met up to get Boni.

We first took him to a vet (Pet Society) in pasig. But they were not very gentle in handling him so Boni was not cooperating. I really don't recommend that vet clinic. 

He was clearly emaciated and infested with tick and fleas. 
We keep a bottle of Fipronil that we use for snowbell's maintenance so we used that to spray on him.
We also sprayed Iozin that the vet recommended.

I really hope to nurse him back to health by giving him natural and healthy food.
 I prepared the same food that I feed to snowbell: liver or chicken with carrots, turmeric and malunggay powder. (I started to buy malunggay powder bec julia spit outs veggies :/)

2nd week, his skin condition improved and we were able to gave him a bath.
We used the Madre de Cacao soap that I purchased from PGAP

Just a lot of TLC and healthy food, I'm sure he'll be okay soon :)

UPDATE: as of June 26, 2016

UPDATE: as of July 24, 2016 ( No more bald spots!)

If you have android phone, please download the PAWer Heroes App wherein you can
donate and follow animal welfare groups here in the PH
Available on Google Play http://bit.ly/259jrak

"If you can’t adopt, FOSTER. 
If you can’t foster, SPONSOR. 
If you can’t sponsor, VOLUNTEER. 
If you can’t volunteer, DONATE. 
If you can’t donate, EDUCATE. 
Everyone can do something, large or small, to help save a life!" 


Casita Ysabel Batangas

It's our 1st wedding anniv so we planned a batangas getaway with these two   :)

Surprisingly, Julia behaved well and just slept comfortably while Snowbell looked uneasy and was awake for the entire trip

The road to Anilao is winding just like in Luisiana

paikot-ikot plus  pababa - pataas

After almost 4 hours, we reached our destination.
This is the entrance road to Casita - narrow and steep!

buti na lang maliit lang sasakyan namin


Our hut - Maria 


lovely view from our balcony

We arrived there by lunch time and these were served to us. 


Resident dog - Buttons, if I remember correctly.
He was just there beside our table, minding his own business ;p

We fell asleep and woke up around 5PM then went out for a stroll 

Then dinner time

Another resident dog - Simba - puppy eyes for the food :) 

Back to our hut, these 2 kept on looking outside
enjoying the view??? ;p

so afterwards, they got tired ;p

the next day...  we went out as early as 6AM

Breakfast - omelet, malunggay pandesal

behave two doggies :)


Plakda na naman
We left the resort at around 9AM. Our stay was great and food was ok too. We did not go for a swim. We just enjoyed our time with these two and lots of sleep too. It was very tiring to go from one hut to another(reception, dining) bec. of the steep stairs so I would say that the place is not advisable for the elderly. 

There's a parade on our way back :)

Maria Hut Php5200
Dogs Php500each per night
Fullboard meals Php1200/pax


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