30 Things About Me

I've been meaning to post something like this for a while as I love reading blogs knowing a bit of personal background of the blogger. It helps a lot to understand their preferences like when doing some review post. So then, I thought I join this week's meme for BC Bloggers, thanks to Sanna (^_^)

1. 40kgs weight 
2. Shorty shortcake at 5" 
3. 26 y/o
4.  health and weight conscious
5. but still, I love potato chips
6. I have 2 younger brothers
7. So maybe explain why I'm not makikay/fashionista/girly girl much
8. I like gothic fashion 
9. I love earth colors 
10. I love dogs 
11. my favorite song is Sway, by Bic Runga
12. I'm scared of seas, oceans, beach (large bodies of water) 
13. I find it weird that I love to look at breads, just a sight of a bakery makes me happy! (^▽^)
14. I love chocolates esp. snickers and dark toblerone 


mike and I just finished a good 30+ episodes of BBC Sherlock Holmes starring Jeremy Brett.

His appearance and mannerisms, everything about him was exactly how I had imagined the character in my head.  I'm glad to found some pic from tumblr #jeremy brett #david burke


Rainy Day Movies

After spidey movie, mike and I looked forward to watch this movie :)
We planned to watch it Friday noon, one day after its opening, but but but mike (as usual) can't wait and so we went to Eastwood after work to catch its midnight screening @_@  Deprived of sleep but soo worth it!


Green Grocer Experience

I thought of ordering Joji's Delight malunggay peanut butter from Green Grocer. (first time)
They have Wednesday and Saturday delivery. 

For Wednesday delivery, you need to submit your order by Sunday. 
To reach the minimum order, I ordered 2 Peanut Butter and Wheat Pita Bread.
(You can check out the website for their detailed ordering process)

My orders (cash on delivery):

Hassle free! (^________^)
Watch out for my pita related post soon ;p



Easy Falafel Recipe

I thought I'd share this simple falafel recipe that I tried to cook.
A great way to add protein in your diet . I'll probably add this to my breakfast ideas. 


SM Trash to Cash

Finally! after a year? (almost) of storing plastic empty bottles and cardboard/cartons, mike and I brought it to SM Hypermarket Pasig for SM Trash to Cash 

we earned Php36 hihi! that's for 3 kilos of plastic empty bottles and 2 kilos of cartons.
Actually, it even felt great knowing that they can be reuse/recycle in a sure way.
As y'all know we segregate our trash but I worry that they might get wet or mixed with biodegradable trash esp. the cardboard/carton as there are  naughty cats opening the trash cans in our place sometimes...

SM Trash to Cash 
(happens every 1st friday and sat of the month 10am-2pm (actually not sure if 8am-2pm too))



Mr. Choi and Serenitea

Left work at around 8pm (earlier than usual)  for our Fridate  ^___________^

Mr Choi at Robinsons Galleria
Bean Curd Roll @90


Human Nature Lipstick First Kiss

As I haven't been posting a beauty-related post a lot lately, here's my review of my new lipstick from Human Nature.
100% Natural Hydrating Mineral Lipstick in First Kiss
I have never emptied a lipstick before. I just emptied my fave shade HHN Pink Skies,  feels amazing, i love that the shade suits me.


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