Balik Bukid at Sta Elena Fun Farm

  As I said in my previous post, I wanted to share a few more photos of our day at Sta. Elena fun farm.

We were there as early as 9:30 AM :)

I think it was my first time to see ducklings paddling their little feet underwater. how cute.

There are ducks, rabbits and chickens on the loose.

cutie rabbits!
we  also saw some pigs, horses, hamsters and even snake

snake inside the cage
The maintenance staffs were wearing filipiniana and katipuneros outfit.

There are more to see out there but we easily get tired so we rested for a bit after we checked all the stalls for n times and bought mango shake.

I discovered a lot of brilliant eco-friendly and healthy products.

biodegradable cup made from corn and yam

I tasted the "Going Bananas" from SundreamPH today and it was chewy but very filling. 

Interesting solid perfume from Aromateria at P250. I wanted to buy the one with 'Sherlock' print on it, only that the scent is too strong for me.



Weekend: New hair at the country fair

Last friday, we rented a movie from Google Play at $4.99

We've been waiting for "World's End" but it was not shown here in PH. 
Not really related to the first 2 (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) but they are called the Cornetto trilogy. Hmmm well the 3rd one was not as hilarious as the first two movies, it was OA that it almost looks like an anime and it's not wholesome!

Saturday was spent at the salon. After many years, I decided to have my hair rebonded again. 
Sometimes you get that itch to change your hairdo eh

I opted for the Volume Rebond at Pals Salon Pasig branch.After the normal rebond another few hours for the volume rebond so as not to make it look flat.  Hangtagal pala nun! I was there at 9AM and finished at 4PM. O_o 

And then Sunday, my dentist appointment was cancelled so we just went early to Balik Bukid fair   
I was not able to go last time and after seeing ms. january's post I told myself I shouldn't miss the next one.

I bought a bottle of Cesario's Garlic bits in oil P120

Sundream Bananas P110

Bignay chocolate cake (moist and chocolateyy!) and wine from St. Ambrose
Bignay Chocolate Cake P100

Bignay Wine P250
grass fed beef burger from Down to Earth P200
I also bought a room and linen spray. I was hoping to see Domesticity or Gkonomics as I'm planning to buy my christmas gifts but they were not there. 
They also have a live screening of Pacquaio and Rios match. I checked out every booth there while mike watched the undercard's match. I joined him later on when it was already the main event. The audience was cheering loudly! 

new hair at the fair!
I'll blog about the Sta Elena fun farm in detail on my next post ^_^

Have a great week ahead!


Review: Malagos Chocolate

I preferred the dark bitter chocolates now - it does not make me feel guilty bec they are high in antioxidants, not loaded with sugar and other additives.

I bought Malagos in a food fair some weeks ago and bought the Unsweetened chocolate at P120 and the 65% dark at P130. 

"Our tableyas are hygienically molded from pure chocolate liquor (thick, liquid chocolate paste) ground from our roasted fermented beans, and vacuum-sealed in food-grade plastic envelopes. 

We do not alkalize (or Dutch) our chocolate liquor (which will artificially darken the color and produce a richer taste) as this process will materially diminish the antioxidant content of any cacao product. 

..our tableyas have nothing removed from them, and nothing added to them. They are real, dark chocolate in their raw, untreated, and healthily beneficial form. "  - From their website:

A pack contain about 15-16 pcs if I remember it correctly.

I used 2-3 pcs when I made champorado and then coco sugar as a sweetener

I like the packaging of their chocolate bar, great for gift giving.

I remember to take a photo when we already consumed half of it. ;p
I love the smooth texture and bitter after taste. :)

These are available online at giftfarm,ph and at the ff stores:
Chocolate Lover, QC
Cooks Exchange - Megamall, Rockwell, Glorietta


Hello November, Long Weekend

Undas 2013

My mom's yearly tradition she called  "Atang" 

I spent most of the time with the puppies :)
I named them SnowBall, SnowBell and SnowBear ;p

I miss them na

Sunday, back in manila

 movie time  \^_^/ 

Sounds like dark and heavy to watch but it was actually funny and entertaining. There's something about the screen chemistry between  Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. I usually cringe whenever I see a kissing scene but for these two, they look so sweet!

We didn't know that there was a 2nd post credit scene! ;(

Then dinner at Prince of Persia
I'm not that hungry so I only had a chicken wrap (P95) (with a not so soft chicken) while M had a tasty  Beef Kebab (P270).

We looked at the stalls of the bazaars nearby and took a photo of this wall art made of bottle caps.

December is fast approaching, I'm already thinking what to give for Christmas :/



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