February: Life Lately

Some eats and happenings :)

Kuya Jeff's Birthday

Celebrated brother-in-law birthday. Just a simple salo-salo in their home.
We bought pizza and cake from Contis (para maiba hindi puro Mernels, pero lasa naman siyang Mernels!)

 Happy Birthay!!!

Our travel time to Luisiana became 5 hours because of traffic. 
There were roads under construction (hello election!)
I already felt uneasy sitting for so long and look at snowbell (tulala mode na)

You can follow her adventures on Instagram @lifeofsnowbell hehehe


Tried Bonchon's Bibimbowl
(While eating, I thought, gagayahin ko nga 'to, looks easy to prepare (w/o the chicken ;p))

For some reason, my favorite food this month is maki.
I made several attempts at home - with mangoes, cucumber, lettuce - any ingredient available.
I made a large batch of this to eat at home and as packed lunch (every week of Feb O_o )

When we were in Megamall, we spotted a Japanese stall in foodcourt, of course, I ordered california maki :)))

This is M's order. In fairness ok naman.


Went to Divisoria again with a friend, bought some stuff from the streets, new divisoria mall and 168 mall. We scored some really good stuff like my vneck plain white and gray tshirts for only Php50 each, Socks for P25, bras 50 each = I bought 6! Shopping galore! Lolz

We ate at Wai Ying where I had mushroom dumplings and we shared the Hakaw.

And happy to bought Broccoli for only Php50 and Asparagus Php35

And just like that Feb just ended, it is a leap year so we have Feb 29! :)


Project Pie Megamall

We tried Project Pie for lunch with my younger bro. 
 Looks like he enjoyed customizing his pizza. While M was not feeling adventurous,  he just chose one from the menu. 

It starts with the sauce, red or white, then the choices of toppings begin. From cheese to meat to veggies - all for P285

As for me, red base, no cheese, tomatoes, pineapple, bellpepper, chicken, basil, caramelised onion.

My bro's pizza, all the cheeses, bacon, pepperoni and bellpeper

and M's 

Here's where M got adventurous - unlimited and you can refill any drinks :)

I'd like to go back and find the perfect combination of toppings ;p

Project Pie G/F Megamall


VDay 2016

We started our Valentines day by watching a movie - Deadpool, such a silly and funny movie, it gave me headache literally. We left without waiting for the end of credits scene, we just watched it on youtube.  We strolled around Eastwood, ate pizza and fries in SnR and we claimed M's krispy kreme freebie from his Smart  plan which reminds me I have to check mine too. 
The next day, Sunday, we went out to have our ePass changed to RFID for free in Petron Shaw then we went to Capitol Commons afterwards to use M's starbucks card ( a christmas present he received). 

We decided we won't be spending a lot for this holiday and to add it to our donation for the several animal welfare groups in FB that I followed - PAWA, SaveAll, LBAAW, PART, AFK. I am moved by their efforts on solving the situations of our furry friends. We hoped that we have spread our love to them in our own small and simple way. 

"Happy Valentines day to all!",  love  Snowbell


Tenya at Megamall

Hello February

Sometimes I also get tired of eating my home-cooked meals haha
January was a very busy month for me so I tried cooking in batch "cook once, eat twice".
I'm glad M didn't complain anyway he doesn't have a choice ;p

So for a break, I told M I wanted to eat a good, delicious meal plus it's also our monthsary ;p
And our "san tayo kakain? kahit saan" dilemma brought us to Tenya.

Complimentary tea

 I held with it both hands while drinking and thinking "must buy this kind of ceramic cup at home para feel na feel ang paginom ng tea ;p"

I ordered Yasai Tendon. Assorted vegetable tempura on a bowl of rice plus miso soup for Php255.

M ordered a Teishoku set - Classic Tempura (Php360)

"A Japanese classic set meal. served with Japanese rice, potato salad, miso soup, tempura sauce, radish, ginger and pickles."

As much as I wanted to eat with chopstick to complete the feel, I'm so hungry so spoon and fork please...


hmmm hot miso soup, good quality japanese rice, tempura dipped in the sauce with ginger
yummy, filling dinner

I'm getting older... I'm started to get fascinated with the ceramic bowls O_o

Tenya is located in the 4F of Megamall, give it a try and ask for more tempura sauce :)

Birthday Month

Good Food
Good Friends
Good Times

Ramen dinner at Ukokei Ramen
All ramen bowl cost P260 but I remember that it's exclusive of service charge.
We chatted all through out while slurping the flavorful ramen although my ramen does not have a strong miso taste.
Tonkotsu, Kumamoto Mau Ramen
Sapporo Miso Ramen

Soft tasty gyoza 
Gyoza P160

(Jan 14)
We picked up my bff Chel at the airport early sunday morning then we went to Binondo.
After our morning divi trip, we went to MOA for lunch at Vikings.

Vikings with HS bffs

happy to have a get together with my HS besties and 
celebrated our bdays together = Jan 8, 16 and 21!
Thanks to chel for the treat!

my plate, luge ako sa vikings haha

(Jan 28)
Another balikbayan friend invited me to binondo =)
I accompanied her at Fair n Square = a very cheap appliance store! new discovery for me :)

I brought her at Sincerity for dinner. She also agreed that their chicken is goooood
We also ordered Spinach Garlic and Kikiam, happy balikbayan ;)

And look Hopia Ube lite

My first time to try tikoy roll, sarap! 

PeriPeri Lumch 
lunch with colleagues at Megamall
We all love their flavorful chicken :)

It was busy month after all. We were out all weekends. 
But it was an amazing month as I've spent time with special friends and also make new ones.
I can't forget our experience in PCAS that I shared here and I will continue to support animal welfare groups.

Last year, I told myself to fulfill the need of my body, mind, spirit.
On my Instagram and FB, I followed inspirational accounts, play praising songs (mostly from Hillsong), read personal development books. 

Looking back, there have been a lot challenges and I would say I learned a lot.
I'm not the type who really set specific life goals but I will continue and hope to improve again this year :)


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