Wolverine, MochiSweets, Eat Well

The Wolverine movie has an interesting story, i love all the fight scenes esp the train scene and I also like the character of Yukio she is just soo astig :). 

Rila Fukushima as Yukio  via

If not for some weird moments and that model-actress who played Mariko (she did not act very well and so plain and boring arrgh!!) this could have been a great movie. Anyway, it's good to see Hugh Jackman again. I like it when he has that wolverine beard, looking beastly and manly, not the clean, shaved one ;p

Saturday, we had a very long day. We went early for dentist appointment , passed by our house in Laguna, played with the puppies(I also made a video) and then to MOA to avail our Pet Express from SMACDeals (Php1K worth of Alpo Dogs for only P500) savings yey  :)

And then we tried Mochi Sweets (located near the Ice skating rink). We chose the Sakura flavor and Black Sesame. They both tastes good :)

After our grocery, we had our dinner at Eat Well Delicious Kitchen
We love the noodle soup(P225), very flavorful and filling that we had the Spareribs in hotpot (P250) for takeout. Their mint iced tea (P65) unfortunately was not very 'minty'.

Eat Well is located in South Wing G/F along the row near SM Hypermarket




Healthy Inspiration: First Time

These are last week meals and some are repeat for this weekend ;p

adobong broccoli level up! 

first time to try with mushrooms and lots of bell pepper 
those are dried mushroom about P25 per pack and I soaked it in water before I stir-fried with bellpepper and onion :))

Fried Salmon Belly with Bellpepper
I had never tried cooking salmon at home, i always thought they are expensive, but I saw a pack of frozen salmon belly at about P95-120 :))

 Sugarleaf Spanish Sardines - no msg, no artificial flavors, natural sea salt  :))))
I can eat this everyday!

Sugarleaf spanish Sardines Php120

My version of chili bean, I liked the first time I cooked this, then the second one, was so-so 
need practice ;p

For breakfast,
ummm I forgot how to cook pancakes =_= 
this is supposed to be wheat pancakes sprinkled with oats and flax seeds 
my first time to buy Flax Seeds from Healthy Options P180/pack

and also my very first maruya, (plantain in wheat flour) ;p

Have you tried something new lately?

At the same time, I missed homecooked meals 

the last time I went home in Laguna we had fried GG, pinakbet and for sunday, I woke up with fried rice and daing  for breakfast

Hope y'all having a great weekend!



New Human Nature Branch in Pasig

Yey there's a new branch near our place :D You can view their map here

Their grand launch was last Saturday
(haba ng pila!)

new products and new packaging

Aside from our usual stocks, I also bought this shampoo for our dogs :)

I can hear my mom again saying "buti pa sila Bok may pasalubong" ;p

We also tried this Theo&Philo Dark Chocolate w/ Calamansi - yummy!

Other flavors that I would like to try soon - Siling Labuyo and Green Mango & Salt :)))))


SciFi Cafe, Pacific Rim

Last night we saw Pacific Rim movie at Robinsons Galleria.

AWESOME! It was brilliant, fun, exciting and action-packed. ;)
The trailer was impressive so this became one of our anticipated movie for this year.

Before we watched the movie, we had our dinner at SciFi Cafe

Lookie! There's my Arnie!!!!

and more!

There are many other toy figures in display from different movies

 coooool  neuralyzer replica

As for their food, I suggest you choose other choices in the menu instead of pizza.  It was not sulit for the price. Their cream-based pesto pasta was good, something we've never tried before, but I guess I still like the oil-based pesto.
The Grinch Php280
mike chose the Armageddon pizza, it seems like they used a thin pita for the crust, yep that's how thin it was
Armageddon Php380
We also had wintermelon tea P70, it was the weirdest wintermelon tea we've tasted O_O
Total bill cost P800 pesoses (nakakapoorita avila) with service charge,  the good thing is we availed the ensogo voucher (P250 for P500 worth) and paid only additional P300. 
I really love using discount voucher :p

Megamall Eats: Kichitora, Almon Marina

Last week eats at Megamall while waiting for the rain to stop and traffic to subside...
(feeling stranded sa mall)

I can't believe we haven't been to Almon Marina.

Here I am trying to eat fish lately, they are rich in omega fatty acids which are good for brain function chos!

Salmon Sandwich and chips

@ Kichitora, 2/f Atrium

 a bit small but they are good
Gyoza Php150 

Shoyu Ramen Php320
 thin noodles, bamboo shoots, soft boiled egg in hot, flavorful soup, perfect for the cold weather

Have a great weekend!

We're off the newly opened Human Nature in Pasig, will be blogging about last night awesome Pacific Rim movie



Sugarleaf at Greenhills

We finally visited Sugarleaf and treated ourselves with healthy food. :) This store/cafe meant to be a one -stop shop for healthy stuffs/ a mini mart of locally sourced organic products, more info about them here

We shared a glass of  refreshing strawberry kefir smoothie topped with chia seeds  (Php150)
Kefir is also a cultured milk products like yogurt but with more health benefits. 
More info in sugarleaf site here

Strawberry Kefir Smoothie
And then we tried their goody wraps: Vegetarian wrap(with apple and cucumber) (P148) and 
Crab Mango Wrap (w/c we both like best) (P188). 
It was very filling that I was not able to finish my plate. 
Vegetarian wrap

Crabstick and mango wrap

There were stands full of health goodies and some interesting stuff I found like the malunggay polvoron and mango tams.

I also saw some trail mix, nuts, vegetable quiche to name a few in the glass chiller.

I want a lot of stuffs to buy but I am only set to buy this raw cacao nibs (at P200)  for now. 
I've been on the hunt of raw chocolates for the past weeks, I thought I might as well try this.

Raw cacao nibs

Will post more about raw cacao nibs the soonest.

It  would be nice if there are lot of restaurant like this in the metro :)



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