Life Lately: March Highlights

March is about to end and I only have few blog posts :/

Well, one of the reason is that we spent weekends mostly at home and enjoyed home-cooked meals while watching Detective Conan (700+ episodes to go!). Other times, M would watch Top Gear on Netflix while I attempt on some home baked goodies ;p
Recent dine out made me realize that I can prepare equally delicious and healthy foods without spending too much.

Last night before heading out to see Captain America at Podium, we ate our dinner at home (fried organic tofu w/ bellpeppers) and I brought an apple+lettuce shake for our drinks inside the cinema.

We only bought Cassava Chips from Echo Store for our munch plus we got free salted caramel popcorn bec of Eplus tap pay cards that we paid unknowingly :/

As for the movie, it was a serious one but still light for your heart and not very stressful. Fight sequences and slow-mos were also awesome :) And as usual, waiting for end of credits scene feels awkward bec others started to exit the cinema and we feel unsure of what we are waiting for. Lolz
Anyway, there was indeed an end of credits scene but seriously, it is not worth the wait :/

Another highlight of my week was DADs Buffet, a lunch treat c/o birthday girl Pam :D 
I only managed to eat few japanese foods - salmon, cold soba, sushis, tamago; and my 2nd plate- bibingka, relleno, crispy kangkong, fish cake and mushroom lasagna. 

(lugi ako sa mga buffet!)

and then we surprised her with a matcha cake from "Homemade by Roshan". 
yummy! tastes like an ice cream green tea, creamy smooth on the outside, crisp and chewy torte inside, there was also a layer of green tea with caramel-like consistency together with generous walnuts  scattered inside. Good thing I still have a space for this :)

Green Tea Belgian White Chocolate Torte

I was also able to try this Calea Cake from Bacolod (pasalubong)
- tastes like Mernel's cake ;)

One weekend in Laguna, mom made some pizza ;p 

Another highlight of the month that I posted on IG.

hello again to my BugsBunny teeth after 8 long years of wearing braces.
 I still need to wear a retainer though. I didn't expect that it will be painful so I only wear them during sleep.

Lastly, M and I enrolled in a swimming class at Ultra by Swimplus PH.  I will share a review after we completed our sessions. We will attend a beach wedding next week where I'll be a bridesmaid for the first time :)  On our recent trip to Greenhills, we tried to complete our swimming and summer stuff. But I still can't find a good sandals to wear with a dress for the beach, so I still have a week to find one.

What are the highlights of your month?

Have a happy weekend!



  1. we're also trying to avoid eating out especially on weekdays and the current addiction is kimchi-rice :)

    btw, try jans mixed roots chips, it's perfect for your movie dates!

    1. kimchi rice sounds good! where can I buy jans roots chips?

    2. s&r, i think rustan's meron din, haven't check if meron din sa sm supermarket



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