August Celebrations

Celebrating birthdays for 3 days :)

Friday = Colleague's birthday treat @ Yakimix, 
It was my first time to eat okonomiyaki :))))

Saturday celebration for my lil bro, hello Mernel' cake and cute Party with bear cake from TLJ :)

Then Sunday @ Luisiana Laguna for M's grandmom 

Mernel's cake again, Mango flavor this time and has yema fillings.
(ok naman parang yema cake)

I got to eat pancit lucban after n months :)))

I remember last year I wrote some piece of advice to my lil bro, this time I would just like to add this:
 Vote wisely (wag iboto ang mga oportunista at sumusuporta sa mga religion fanatics okay?

btw snowbell luvs ice cream cone ;p

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