KB Products

What is KB?

Kyusoku Bihaku is Japanese for "PURE WHITE" 

KB is known for specializing in skin care which has over 10 products on its roster.  The line is popular for bringing ingredients that have knacks in cosmetic and skin care industry. As makers partnered with biggest cosmetic laboratories abroad, they always assure each user that they followed the standards set by cosmetic and soap industry.

With over hundreds of agents around the world, KB is continuously gaining clients’ trust.    

These products were kindly given to me. I was excited to try the teeth whitening pen. It was very timely as I have started reading tips/products on how to whiten my teeth. It is in transparent liquid gel form that you apply after brushing your teeth.

I emptied it in a month and i think it made my teeth 2-3 shades whiter, but to get best results I think this should be used continuously until desired result is achieved.

The packaging is quite elegant however quiet difficult to know if it is already half or empty. 

I tried a bit of these products below, I cut the thick, round soap in half, then plan to give the other half to my mom as I'm not really into face whitening products, I experimented a bit  on my knees and elbows together with the powder, slight effect, yes after a month. I believe this kind of products works if being used for longer time, with continuous use, let's say a year. I think that applies to all whitening products, they should be tested for at least half a year before concluding the effectiveness. 

If you are looking for whitening products with safe ingredients, check out KB Whitening products line,
They have rosehips, lotion, gluta and collagen tablets. I am not really sure how much they cost, searching the net, price starts at P400 and above, more info http://www.ilovekb.com/gallery.php


  1. I liked the KB Oral Glutathione, maybe i'll get into it again. Also heard KB has Vit. C serum so I'm looking to try that :D

  2. glad that it works for u, hehe me naman scared of trying anything oral gluta



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