Healthy Inspiration: March Healthy Eats

I concluded that this is definitely the time of the year wherein I feel excited to eat pancakes and breads every morning. 

I used either spelt or rye flour for the pancakes.
It tastes good with white onion too!

I also made several attempts at baking ;p 
I tried baking without butter and refined sugar, using Buckwheat and Soy flour only so it was a bit tricky to get the correct proportion, which means they were all imperfect hehehe

I'm also loving omelet at the moment (just eggs and onion)

One midnight, I tried to make onion rings using soy flour for midnight snack. 
It came out too oily :/

I also tried Malagos Feta Cheese for our sandwiches. (P290+ for 150g)

For dessert, we always have dark chocolate bar in the fridge. ;)

And then I prepared salads at home as much as possible.

This one was just topped with fried onions and then I added a squeeze of calamansi

I really find it hard to choose a "perfect" avocado. It's either overripe or extremely bitter. If it is only as easy as choosing bananas then I'll have one everyday. 

Luckily I managed to choose a perfect one for this salad: Lettuce, Avocado, Egg sprinkled with Garlic bits.

This one is just a lettuce with pan fried chicken 

and one of my fave - a simple pineapple with greens salad that is perfect for summer :)

March, in overall, I listened to my body and I gave in to what it craves. Instead of calling them "cheat days", I call them "reward days" ;p. I updated my March highlights post and realized I ate huge slice of cakes. (I hope my bridesmaid dress still fits!)  

 I also hope that I can hone my baking skills using healthy alternative ingredients so I can share the recipe here and also come up with some tasty and appealing green salads  :)

'til next healthy inspiration post!


  1. Where do you get avocados? It's not yet in season!

    1. sm supermarket :) I think they are already selling it at around Feb.

  2. what a coincidence, i just uploaded a hearty omelet recipe. you may want to try soon my spinach and three-cheese omelet :)

    i'm trying the pancakes soon...

    1. 3-cheese, andami ;p i just checked out your post, great photos!



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