PinoyDon at Podium

Located at 5thFlr in Podium. We tried here after it was featured in Jessica Soho (about their tinapa Maki)

PinoyDon offers a fusion of Pinoy and Japanese food.

Accepts credit card (^_^)

Here are some dishes that we tried:

Tinapa Maki (oopps sorry forgot the price, our orders ranges from Php140-180)

Nothing special about the pasta and rice bowl but the Tinapa Maki is heaven!!!

Pasta tuyonesca


Haven't tried their ramens, but according to some blogs they taste great.

The place is simple and not themed or pricey - looking.

Hope to get back soon. (^_^)

1 comment:

  1. Tinapa Maki and Pasta tuyonesca looks very delicious. I hope to visit that place soon and try these two.



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