Saturdate: Osaka Ohsho, MegaFashionHall, Sale


So I posted this on Instagram ;p

sarap ng dressing :)

My free miso soup :)

 I'm not that hungry when I first dine here with my colleagues. Because they specialized in Gyoza, I thought M might like it.

I went back with him and we ordered the set meal which comes with  6 pcs original gyoza, unlimited japanese rice, fruits and miso soup Php270. 

I just had their Yasai Itame Php240 and also tasted the Gyoza dipped in mixed miso and soysauce.
Their gyoza is a bit oily and small or I say has few fillings. I remember that whenever I eat Gyoza before I should eat the whole stuff because the fillings will crumble and fall. But here, you can still chop it off in three parts and dip it in sauce using chopstick effortlessly.
Or maybe that's the authentic Gyoza should be? hehe dunno

M requested another serving of his unlimited rice while I'm still halfway on eating my veggies which were not overly cooked so I spent time chewing the crunchy bokchoy, lettuce, bellpeppers and carrots 

I also ordered their salad again then minutes later I was told that it was not available

"Nori gyoza na lang po"
"sorry wala na rin po"

"Cheese gyoza "
"wala rin po eh"

Btw, Osaka Ohsho is located at Mega Fashion Hall 3rd/F. 

Afterwards, we strolled a bit around fashion hall as we went to 5th floor for the Megatrade shoes and bag sale.
I only bought these Banana Peel Buy 1 Take 1. Php120 only for these two ;)

Then before going home we bought our fave Choco butternut from Dunkin donut that we ate at home while watching Detective Conan :)



  1. yummy and delish looking gyoza

  2. Wow ang sarap! I should try it out when i'm in megamall again!



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