Shinjuku at Little Tokyo Makati

I've done my research before going to Little Tokyo which is located in Pasong Tamo beside Makati Cinema Square.

Foodie bloggers has been talking about Shinjuku for best Ramen and Gyoza so thats our first stop.

We wandered around the place and nearby Japanese grocery stores before entering Shinjuku restaurant.
Little Tokyo is just a small place but feels like being in another place (stranger in my own country) since there are lot of Japanese people around.


While waiting for our orders, we get some manga books to view.

Here is what we ordered:
The Ramen is big and is good for two. - P375

Hmm... I was just wondering why their noodle is curled like instant noodles, I was expecting like the one I've tried in Japan. The toppings is good though - soya beans, spinach, nori, egg.
Same for Gyoza, big and filling. P95

I don't eat Gyoza often so I really can't say if its the best Gyoza around. But it indeed makes me go back again there for their Gyoza.

Next we headed for Hana which is famous for their Takoyaki and Kakigori!

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