MMFF at Eastwood Cinema

Thanks to Eastwood mall for free 2 Dalaw Tickets. Wee!
For me, Sukob is scarier. Yucky part is when Dieter and Kris kissed. Eeewww!

Since we are already in Eastwood to avail our free movie tix for Dalaw, we also watched RPG Metanioa afterwards. From Eastwood Mall we ran to Citywalk, didnt know then that Cinema 1-4 is at Citywalk then 5-7 is at Eastwood Mall.

Thumbs up for RPG Metanioa (dubbing, story, everything) EXCEPT for this:

Daniel looks like Shikamaru, even the "intellectual" ability, you know what I mean... (hmp! Shikamaru is my favorite!)

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