Binondo FoodTrip: DongBei Dumplings

Best dumplings in town - according to some writeups.
Dumplings are made freshly in front of their store.

Kuchay dumplings and Pork dumplings. Fried Php100 for 10pcs, Steamed Php100 for 14pcs

Hmmm..for me the sauce (soy sauce & vinegar, I think) does not match the dumplings well.

Herbal Tea - taste like C2 Green Tea Php25 each

Located at Yuchengco St. (turn left if coming from the church) We walked all the way the other side of the street just to find out its on the other side, whew!

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  1. Those dumpling really looks good. I can have dumplings for my lunch when I'm on a hurry and to time to have rice. Great posts!



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