NE Cakes and Restaurant

After searching the net for restaurant in Cabanatuan, this video about NE Cakes made me excited.
We had sisig and mixed veggie from NE Cakes and Restaurant for our lunch - takeout. The sisig taste like 'dinakdakan' (like sisig but with mayo), yummy!!

After checking out Megacenter and checking in to our hotel, we went to NE Pacific Mall for our dinner.

 I chose to have Vegetarian sipao and orange brownies from NE Cakes Bakeshop. The cake slice is too big for me. (Calories overload!)
The siopao is big and filling for its price of Php21.00

Orange Brownies - Php16.00

I was intrigued by the orange brownies.

I was surprised it taste so good - like Mayfair flavored chocolates! Yum2x, I was thinking of setting the other half for bunchkin, but... but I can't control myself!

I also bought siopao asado and cheese rolls for our midnight snack.

Siopao asado - Php21 (Sweet bun!)

Cheeserolls - Php11 (Yum!)

NE Cakes and Restaurant is located inside NE Pacific Mall, Maharlika Hiway Cabanatuan City Nueva Ecija

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