Movie Review: Green Lantern

Same with Clash of the Titans, lack emotions. It could have been better if they show why he decided or what inspired him to defeat Parallax, something like showing Carol, his bestfriend, his nephew, his dad etc, to make it more dramatic.

And why they focused a lot on Ryan's body?

Watched at Shangrila Cinema.
What i just dont like in Shang is that you can bring only foods from their snack bar. And there's no piattos! Can't bring Piattos hmp!

Sidestory: Our first time to ride MRT during rush hour from Ayala station. So many passengers! Gosh its so difficult to make your way out, I was really scared I might get pushed inside and not get off at Shaw. Good thing someone is also getting out from the back so I was pushed outside hehe. 

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