Wednesdate: Adventures of Tintin, California Pizza Kitchen, Happy Lemon

At Powerplant Mall, Rockwell

Christmas is in the air!

May gumagalaw na reindeer

Watched "Adventures of Tintin" Php185/ticket

not emotional, not exciting or what but has interesting story and a bit funny

California Pizza Kitchen, we used our GCs worth 200

Pizza Regular Php295

Pesto Cream Penne Php195

Then we bought Happy Lemon's Roasted Cocoa Milk Tea Large Php95 before going home :)

Thanks for my honeybunckin's movie and dinner treat! mwahugs!!!! :)


  1. My friend jsut mentioned last night that Adventures of Tin Tin seems to be a good movie. How was it? You should have described it more. hehe.

    I haven't heard of that California Pizza Kitchen yet, but they seem to look delicious. I should google it and look for any nearest branch :)

  2. @Mei and @Pinkcookies thanks for the visit! ;)

    @Mei hindi nmn kagandahan ung adventures of tintin for me ewan ko lang sa iba ;)

  3. Aww sweet date! Sarap talaga sa CPK! Medyo nagutom ako nung nakita ko yung pizza haha. Sarap din ng Happy Lemon noh? And maganda yung Tintin! Heehee I used to watch the cartoon series back when I was a kid :)

    BTW I tweaked my giveaway's mechanics a bit ;) Hope you could check. Thanks!

  4. @Gel tnx for the visit ;), my first time at CPK actually, will check out ur giveaway ;)



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