Cereals for Dinner

I usually stay in the office up to 12am or 1am.
I already consider it early if I go home around 9 or 10PM.

So I eat twice at night, around 6-7PM and 9-10PM
I'm tired of eating Oatmeal or fruits! haha!
SM megamall is the only establishment near in the place, i also feel lazy walking out for dinner.

So just recently, for variety, I thought of eating cereals with powdered skimmed milk or soy milk. ;) Will go back to fruits in the next few weeks ;p

Fitnesse w/ fruits (Php150+/box) CornFlakes (Php60/box) 

Frosties Php70/box
1 box usually 3 servings for me.

My recent discovery, Green Tea soymilk! Yummy!


  1. Try post cereals! Love honey bunches of oats and post selects! Also kelloggs special k cinnamon pecan :)

  2. Green tea soy milk! *_* where????

    I think I'm a kid at heart. I just like Honey Stars.

  3. @pinkcookies googling post cereals haha, oh yeah kellogs will buy soon

    @Joyce, bought at megamall supermarket, i think its available in other grocery store too, look for Lactasoy ;)

  4. @madjewelled: they have it in landmark. super yumm! i eat cereals w/o the milk kasi. pinapapak lang :D

  5. @pinkcookies yeah masarap nga gawing chichirya ahehe



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