Tagaytay Palm Sunday

Another week long post. April is almost here and I have few blog post for March. 
I was a girl on fire for the past few weeks, busy and getting lost of the time and even date. Whew! 

We visited Tagaytay last Palm Sunday (after a failed visit to my dentist
We came from Calamba and took Eton City exit and it only took us less 30 mins.

We headed first to Picnic Grove. Arg that Taal Lake is still scary as ever.
You know that feeling when you're on the high floor and you want to jump, yeah that feeling...goosebumps

But still it is a fantastic scenery :)

After wandering around, we drove to Rowena's to have our brunch in their cafe located at the back of their 'pasalubong' store.

I had Bangus breakfast and longganisa for mike. It comes with a cup of brewed coffee at Php189 ea if I remember. The fish was so soft and there were lots of crunchy garlic yum. I was really stuffed afterwards.

I also bought these from their pasalubong store:

Bluberry and Strawberry tarts P180/ box of 6pcs
 it was our first time to try these goodies, tastes like soft Dewberry cookies?
I think I like eating them frozen.
I've tried their assorted box of tarts before and my fave product from them is their buko tart.
Maybe I'll just stick to that next time.

Tofu Chips 
Malunggay Chips Php100  (I will try you next time ampalaya chips)

Malunggay Chips
The Tofu Chips tastes a bit sweet and bland. I don't know how it is processed but it tastes like those air-dried chips. The malunggay chips on the other hand has a strong flavor of malunggay and a tolerable saltiness.

Afterwards, we visited "Ina ng Laging Saklolo Church", a small red bricked church along Calamba Rd. Because it was Palm Sunday, there were plenty of "Palaspas" vendor outside
jabee photobomb ><
We also drove to Rotonda and checked out the other places we can visit next time, until we passed by Bag of Beans and the signage going to Puzzle Mansion. (next time!)
Then went back to Rotonda to check out Emilio Aguinaldo Hi-way and stopped by The Gourmet Farm that I'll be blogging about next. :)

Considering it is so fast to go to Tagaytay now,
we should make it a point to visit every time we'll go to Calamba:)



  1. rowena's chips are way overpriced :( you tried the lettuce chips from gourmet? i love it even without the dip :)

  2. btw, we attended palm sunday mass in tagaytay also (little souls convent) :)

  3. yeah I've tried the lettuce chips from gourmet farm, i like it with dips, I like the Pesto chips better ;p We gonna visit the churches there one by one as inspired by you hehe :)



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