Short Trip to Gourmet Farm

Continuing our Tagaytay trip post...

 As we ventured to Emilio Aguinaldo Hi-way,  a few minutes away (5 mins if I remember) from Rotonda is the Gourmet Farm.  We did not stroll around the area as it was extremely hot that noon. We just stayed at the store/cafe and checked out all their products. 

Their popular Lettuce chips is very affordable at Php60 and Pesto Chips at Php70. 
The Lettuce chips is kinda bland for me, so it is best eaten with dips. 
I like their Pesto Chips instead, tastes just right even without dips. :)

Some photos:

Refreshing Juice at Php50

It would be nice to wander around the area, join the farm tour and activities, experience their buffet 
and visit the chapel  (next time!).  

Meanwhile, I saw a very helpful map in their FB, illustrating where are the churches that are worth visiting while in Tagaytay. So next time, hopefully the soonest, we'll include a visit to a church whenever we're in the area (as inspired also by Ms. January in her many Tagaytay blog posts)    :)

PS: I also saw this cool promo on their FB page:


  1. funny but i haven't been to gourmet farm, will try to bookmark this place this 2013.

    have fun on your soon church visit to tagaytay and thanks for the mention!

    happy weekend :)

  2. I hope to get back soon in Tagaytay



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