Reinvent 2015

Holy Week retreat :)

Bought our tickets online (P997 each early bird rate)

We woke up early to be at the PICC at 7:30AM. 
They gave our real ticket and our retreat manual on our way in.


There was a 25-minute break, I went out to check what snacks they were selling outside.
(btw the snack was free only for the VIP ticket holders) 
There were banana bread, ensaymada, sandwiches and bihon.
I only bought banana bread because we have baon - fish hotdog sandwich :))

Great experience :)

On our way home we passed by Mcdonalds drive thru :))))

The rest of the holiday weekend was spent at home in Laguna, where I got to eat again mom's ginataang bilo2x and biko :)

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