Movie and Eats: Fast 7 and Burgers

One last ride :))

Last Easter Sunday, we went to Galleria to watch Fast and Furious which seems like I've watched a Mission Impossible movie, Kulang na lang si Tom Cruise.
Jason Statham was a very good villain, good thing they include him here :))
I went a bit emotional too, when they did a flashback of the previous films, good old memories when all of them still look young.

Fast forward just last this weekend:
Saturday brekkie, M's request: Burger King breakfast (our first time to try)

He ordered the spam and egg meal while I went for the mushroom and egg burger,  + hasbrown :)

For dinner, we dined again at Triple Os :))

We ordered again their yummy chicken supreme.
I really wanted to replicate this at home. ;p

and their Crispy Fish burger 
(2 pcs crispy fish, lettuce, tartar sauce)

We just noticed that the burger sauces were few and no extra dipping sauce for the fries. :/

And then Sunday was just spent at home as I don't feel well. We watched Daredevil series on Netflix and also Ancient Aliens which is a very interesting documentation theories on  how our ancestors built some architecture(pyramids of Egypt) without advanced tools. I can't help but thought that maybe we do really have a void history hehehe,
I drank a mug of boiled water with ginger and garlic,  rested well and after a day I'm well again :)

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