Tagaytay Side Trip

We left Canyon Cove early at around 10 to have our lunch in Tagaytay.
Finally visited Bag of Beans :)

I told M to order me Vegetarian pie before I went to the washroom and was amazed by the bird, is that a parrot? 
 When I got back, M was smiling because he was able to order this big breakfast sampler plate without me making him guilty. Anyway, we're on holiday so forget the diet for now ;p

2 Eggs, Bacon strips, 2 Pork Sausage Links, Ham, Hash Browns and 2 Buttermilk Pancakes P390

Vegetarian pie P115, not sure if the filling is potato. It has carrots and a bit of greens inside too.

Forgot to take photo of the place...
But it was lovely and my kind of woodsy and rustic place.
While waiting for our orders, I also bought some pasalubongs from their bakery, i love their raisin bread :)

Then we also passed by the Good Shepherd store to buy some Ube jam :)

There are lots of new establishments in Tagaytay and here we are just starting to explore the place ;p

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