Our Intimate and DIY Wedding

I did not blog anything about our preparation. I thought I'll just write about it after the event.
I'm preoccupied with other things and it's hard to keep updating the blog every time I thought of wedding related things.
Another reason I wanted to keep it under the blanket is because I wanted a few guests.
We both feel uneasy to be the center of attention and we're both camera shy (it is so evident in the photos!) Another thing is that we originally planned to have a civil wedding but then officiant became unavailable few months before the big day.

We got married last May 1 at Sta Elena Fun Farm, Sta Rosa Laguna.
 We only have an intimate gathering of relatives and few close friends.
We just wanted a simple, intimate, relaxed, nature and handmade-look wedding.



for the flowers

We DIY a lot of things. I made my own bouquet because I wanted a simple hand picked look.
My cousin made my flower crown.
My family helped in preparing the favors, decors, confetti, flower decors.
We don't have an entourage and had only a pair of ninong and ninang.
We did not hire an event stylist, the coordinator helped in setting up the decors for a small fee.
Actually the place is already beautiful and I just wanted to keep its natural look. 

I realized that a wedding event whether big or small, requires the same details and effort.
When you ask me if I am to rewind everything, I would have choose to join a kasalang bayan wedding instead, or a civil wedding in the munisipyo ;p 
But this surprise SDE photos from our photographer, The Perfect Grey is a proof that it is all worth our effort. ;)

{ Mike } + { Jewel } from She on Vimeo.

Prep:Madie's Place//Photographer: Perfect Grey //OTDC: Joan Santos of SimplyMe Events//HMUA: Joseph Soliveres//Catering and Sounds: Casa Moriones// Venue: Sta Elena Fun Farm //Host: Luiza Pandong//Officiant:Pastor Bong Domingo

PS: Will blog the details soon :)


  1. congrats and best wishes mike and jewel, you're wedding was so beautiful in photos :)

    p.s. madie's place is love!

    1. Thank you january :)))) yep madie's place is a hidden gem, i'm glad I discovered it :)))



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