Kiddie Party at Teresa Orsini Homes

my niece turned 2 and we celebrated her birthday at Teresa Orsini homes.
I love her DIY sweet buffet arranged by her mom and I was surprised that even the food buffet were all home-cooked.  Good job to all of them. :)

Special guest..... Jollibee!!!

Some games..

Lolz these letters (Dear Happy Birthday???)

Celebrant wishlist: adult diapers, foods, cleaning materials and school supplies for the kids.

It was a great feeling seeing those kids very happy with the event, games, Jollibee and giveaways.
I asked one little girl where's her mom, she answered "nakakulong po". Aww sad reality...

Teresa Orsini Homes is located in Muntilupa, which is a home for the elderly and children, they also accept elderly paying clients who wish to stay here for retirement. I told M, when we get old, there's no problem with me staying in this kind of place because I don't need to worry about household chores. I just don't know how much one need to pay to stay here. 


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