Holidays 2017

It's only been 2 months since M and I changed to a vegan lifestyle.

My family is very supportive with this and so allowed me to suggest what we will have for our Noche Buena ;p

Top: Vegan Lechon, Fried potatoes & cauliflower, Vegan Cheese, Vegan Tomato Spaghetti sauce, Pesto and Macaroni salad

I bought the Vegan Chevre Cheese from In a Nutshell. It pairs well with crackers. 
Check out their FB and Instagram here:

I helped in preparing the pasta. Mom cooked the Tomato Spaghetti sauce with Tofu and Mushrooms while I am in charged of preparing the Pesto sauce.

For the Macaroni salad, we used 2 kinds of mayo- from Healthy Options and one from 
The Real Happy Cow

The Vegan Lechon kawali also comes from The Real Happy Cow and surprisingly tastes like the Lechon Kawali :)

For the New Year's media noche, we spent it with M's hometown.
I also brought Vegan Lechon, Vegan cheese and Glutenfree crackers from Healthy Options

And also this Mango Vinaigrette Salad dressings from Gourmet Farms when we went to Merkado Supermarket :)

2016 was the year we changed our lifestyle:

1. We no longer go to movie house. We just rent from GooglePlay, iTunes or Amazon.
That's 150 pesos versus 1k  (500 for the tickets and 500 food for the 2 of us)
2. We minimize eating out, less food trips.
3. The money we save from not going to movie dates and food trips? we donate it to animal welfare groups :) 
4. and it also means more budget for our rescued dog Boni 💓
5.  Going Vegan became easy for us because we were already eating less meat or being a pesco-ovo-vegetarian for a long time. 

Ready for 2017!
These are my planner & notebook from Papemelroti 👍

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