Despicable Me

My favorite character: Agnes.

"Does this count as annoying? "(then tap her cheeks)

=How she make it sound like that? I have no chubby cheeks I can't try it ;p

She's so charming and funny, hyper when excited haha
Favorite line:
"It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!"

We watched in 3D at Glorietta. After scheduling it for Sep 4, hb can't wait and suggested Sep 1 (Opening day), after work we went to Makati, grocery for 30mins and then run to movie house for 9:30 schedule where we fattened ourselves with Burger King. We had Ayala privilege pass that's why we fly all the way from Pasig. 3D original price = Php300

3D Glasses in Glorietta were kinda small for honey coz he still needs to wear his eyeglasses.

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  1. I love her, too. She's sooooo adorable. :)



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