Valentines Day At Enchanted Kingdom

After HS years, I was able to visit EK again! yipee! 
It used to be our HS default field trip destination  :/

Our wizard money worth Php200 :)

Our first ride, the Dodgem(BumpCar), since we were already in the MidwayBoardwalk.

Then spent our wizard money for the hat. Php190 then just addded Php5 for the pen w/c cost Php15

From the Midwayboardwalk, we went to the Portabello for the 4D theater. It is a paid attraction worth P60, no more current slot for 5PM so we enlisted for the 6PM slot which will be finished by 6:15, just in time for the HugAPalooza.

While waiting, we rode the RollerCoaster.

Then tried the SRRX (Shake,Rattle and Roll Experience), another paid attraction worth P50.

Still have time, strolled for a while, watched the KartTrak

 then spotted by She with his bf.

Just passing by the Space Shuttle, I wouldn't dare again to ride that. I remember my knees were shaking after I first rode that. (and the Condor, very scary!!! I didn't spotted it now)

At the 4D theater! 
We watched Journey to the center of the Earth, we both enjoyed the film plus the effects :)

Then off to eat. He ordered chicken and ice cream cake for me - choco overload!!! Actually he already ate Hotdog while waiting in photobooth!! 'o'

Before going in to EK, I already ate half almond snickers and half regular snickers which he bought for me '_' huhu irresistable!
Chicken Php70
Choco Overload Ice Cream Cake Php95/slice is heaven.

Ice Cream Cakes Php1000 whole

Fireworks again (^_^)

Then we watched the Grand Prix at Rialto. Few first person scene =(

We did not ride the Wheel of Fate, the same with Anchor's Away,  I remember they made my stomach churn.


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