Clash of the Titans

Yesterday, hb treated me to a moviedate @ Eastwood. (^_^)

Our plan was to watch it in 3D. Good thing we checked its tomatometer in Rotten Tomatoes - 30%. We still watched it since the trailer is good and hb likes greek mythology (more than I do).

We arrived there 1 hour before the screen time (excited?). We didn't check out Eastwood Easter Wonderland coz it was very hot outside. So we stayed @ Mcdo (hb's cravings) where we also bought our movie snack.

The movie trailers took almost 30mins that we finished our food - nuggets, fries, burger (reward?) before the show begins. ;p Green Apple float = yum2x

Effects - good but overall = lacks emotion. As other critic said, "lacks cheesy-ness".

Next attraction: Ironman2 and Prince of Persia!

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