How to Train your Dragon

98% rating in tomatometer? hmmm! since we trust rotten tomatoes ratings, we started to googled where can we still watch this as we knew that Titans is now replacing it in 3D cinemas.
We had no choice but to watch it in SM cinema digital 3d as we consider proximity in our place (last showing today!).

I was also worried earlier this afternoon if it is really worth watching it in SM (it's not included in my best cinemas really) I was like "3D for only P250 w/ free drinks? hope they didnt sacrifice the quality". Cheap price compared to Eastwood Php200 for Clash of the Titans in 2D only. But based from blog reviews, they say that SM digital theater is a lot better than Imax.. (So clear, So real)...ok ok...
At the cinema... hmmm ok the screen here is not in proportion again, too high, hope SM cinema fix this but we still sat on the front row middle.

OK they were right - So Clear So Real (^_^) but the rendering is somewhat dark? I dunno but there's really a difference between the trailers we saw at Eastwood esp. in Prince of Persia. Other than that, everything is ok -again so clear, so real, hehe (^_^)
I love the movie. Cute cute cute! Thumbs up! Charming, funny adventure, awesome animation. We love it.


  1. It was a cute movie :D I love the story and most especially Toothless!! :D



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