Cure for Common Cold

My homemade remedy for common cold! Mike had high fever last night, but he's feeling well already today. But we opt not to go to the office, he still need a little rest. I think its time for me to take driving lesson. Thinking of it, T_T scarry!!!!Back to my concoction, I have tested this twice and it really works! About last month Mike got fever also. I wonder what he eats when I'm not around. >< Amazingly he was already ok the next morning after drinking this:Magic Ingredients:
Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Onion Spring
Bring to boil and add calamansi and salt. (yup that's all) These are natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic ingredients.

1 cup before going to sleep at night, finish everything then 1 cup again next morning.

Additional tip: Gargle with salt if you have sore throat.

As simple as that. I don't give him any medicines. For the rest of the day, I'll feed him soft food and calamansi juice.

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