Bar-B-King Megamall

Friday dine out w/ BF

New Charcoal Grilled BBQ in town

I missed Monngo dish like this, when I saw this on their menu, I immediately changed my plan of ordering grilled dishes

Monggo Php29 = Yummy!

Okay so here's the BBQ hehe BF won't be happy with just monggo ;p
Pok BBQ with drinks P95 - Unlimited Rice
You have a choice of Sweet or spicy for the Pok BBQ

Total bill is P144 ;)
Food is ok, I think they have same concept like Mang Inasal.

We just don't like the service, slow and crew were not attentive >< 
Hmm maybe because there were lots of customers. BUT nice to go back in here... off peak hours

Located at Megamall, near TimeZone, Basement level. 

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