Dr. Tam Live Green

Just wanted to share this Live Green from Dr. Tam. I used to eat apples and orange every single day for years that I no longer want to see them lolz (I'm not kidding!)

I knew this product since 2009,  I thought of giving this a try just recently so i won't be depleted in essential nutrients (Note: I don't take any vitamin supplement)

And this is an alkaline drink, good for balancing acid in our body.
If you're not feeling good, maybe your body is high in acid.

I started drinking last July. I finished 3 bottles already.
It cost Php1495, 1 bottle is good for 1 month. Yeah I know that pricey. But they usually have it on sale - Buy 1 Take 1, cash only XD (I only buy when there's a sale)

-Same taste as wheat grass.

Live green is composed of Green Kamut(Egyptian WheatGrass), Alfalfa and Barley.
-rich source of Vitamins A,B, C and E
-contains high amount of minerals like calcium, phosporus ,magnesium and more
-enzyme that is rich in digestion and metabolic enzyme
-has amino acids

This is an alkaline drink best consumed an hour before meal or 2 hours after meal.

For those who doesn't know Dr. Tam, he is a naturapathic doctor, his wife is a cancer survivor and he usually appears in Salamt Doc.
More info on http://www.drtam.org/
Available in Dr Tams Vegan Haus F.Legaspi Maybunga Pasig (before Pasig Rainforest Park)
They have branches in Tiendesitas and Metrowalk - am not sure if sale is also available in these branches.
Opens everyday except Saturdays

PS: They have SALE until Oct30.

Keep healthy! :))))))))))))))))


  1. Where can I buy live green tea???

  2. I have ileitis and I never had remissions when I started taking Live green!

  3. pls tell me how to avail live green product...asap.how fast to see the effect of it?

  4. Interested to buy where i can get the buy 1 take 1



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