Programmer Bill of Rights

From Coding Horror

  1. Every programmer shall have two monitors
  2. Every programmer shall have a fast PC
  3. Every programmer shall have their choice of mouse and keyboard
  4. Every programmer shall have a comfortable chair
  5. Every programmer shall have a fast internet connection
  6. Every programmer shall have quiet working conditionsProgramming requires focused mental concentration. Programmers cannot work effectively in an interrupt-driven environment. Make sure your working environment protects your programmers' flow state, otherwise they'll waste most of their time bouncing back and forth between distractions.

#6 is oh so true!!!!! 

I am working with our clients together in a room so no choice with their heavy phone calls. 
Listening to music (of my choice) is one solution as it filters what you don't want to hear.
I also discovered that instrumental music is better than music with lyrics.
"Of my choice",  I said as we have different tastes.  

I like it there somehow because of the roaming snack cart (or merienda cart as they call it) =D  serving  coffee, calamansi juice, ice tea and other snack items at very affordable prices.
(But oh well much better if unlimited coffee...)
There's a waiter who will refill your water (of course this is free)
Hello sedentary life!

I really find this helpful especially for me who is always glued to my seat. 
Would you believe, I haven't been to the building's cafeteria! haha! 
I wish all IT offices has a "feature" like this.

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