Weekend: Mini Pizzas, Cornetto Disc

I made some effort and prepared super simple mini pizzas last weekend for snack  (for a change because we eat Pancit Canton every weekend hehe)

super simple ingredients : (onion and red bell pepper not in the photo) 
I skipped the cheese and sprinkled Garlic powder and pepper instead

As usual we ate packs of our ever favorite Piattos =p , watched the admirable Sherlock (in between work) and One Piece (not so good episode hmp!) and we bought Cornetto disc (^_^) but I like their Hazelnut more.

I thought of the next series to watch when we finish Sherlock, any suggestion? Or should we go back to watching Naruto or Bleach...hmmm (stopped a long time ago because of fillers)

I got curious of BBC's Doctor Who and watched the episode 'The Impossible Astronaut", where mike and I find it good as everything with 'detective' theme is awesome. =) It's just that after one episode, you don't feel 'I want more' very badly...next episode can wait :)

And also, got a copy of Walking Dead (recent season?) wherein after the first 4 minutes, I thought I'm not yet ready to watch it LOLz, scaryyyy

Looking forward for the next weekend ^_^

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