John Carter and Magnum Truffle Sunday

My ever loving mike treated me to a movie date last night complete with our fave Piattos chips ^_^

The movie is a mix of comedy, action adventure and touching story,  though I find Lynn Colins bulky for the princess role (but I like her) and the fact that I sometimes feel heavy and lonely with the very deep imagination of the author (maybe I'm just weird)  And we would have a perfect movie experience if not for the annoying noisy kid behind us grrrr

I find it way better than the much hype Avatar. I mean, Avatar.. haller!!! @_@
Andrew Stanton directed John Carter, who also directed Wall-E, Finding Nemo to name a few
as Gambit
With Taylor Kitsch ever mysterious look (that I noticed since his Gambit role in XMen Origins), I hoped to see more of his film ^_^ They said there will be a sequel for John Carter! ^_^

I remember some of the trailers, my excitement died for Avengers (bec Jeremy Renner is ewww) and for Spiderman (bec I dont like the way they styled Andrew Garfield) but still I have to see both of them on big screen :p 
The Wrath of Titans trailer looks promising but I'm afraid it'll be like Clash of Titans that lacked emotion.

And when I thought  Magnum Truffle were already sold out everywhere... 7-eleven at Eastwood City Walk still have stocks :) I think this taste good than the other 2 flavors(classic and almond).  I would normally go for coned ice cream like Cornetto than the one in popsicle because I find them messy to eat, speaking of which, I haven't tried Cornetto disc!

Whew I can feel the summer!  Happy Sunday! 

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