Weekend: Noodles, Magnum, Champorado, Sherlock

I just thought I would share what I have been up to this weekend ^_^

After we ate noodles from Meylin, I craved for noodles so I cooked this Lucky Me instant noodles at home twice, i'm sooo love it with kimchi!
Lucky Me Chicken noodles, with greens and Kimchi =D

Tried this Mi Goreng, hmmm, tasted bland though

Champorado that becomes like sinaing?haha! I added lots of milk to make up for its dryness. @_@ (mike: why there's a lot of milk???!
Whenever I'm cooking something, mike will be nosing around with his questioning + sarcastic look, opening the pot lid and asking, "ano naman ito?!!!" or sometimes... "ano naman yung naamoy ko?!!!!" LOLZ

Last Saturday, we were out all day, car service apppointment at ERod took like 6 hours, we ate our extremely late lunch at Podium Shin Lin (will have a different post on this) . 
Mike have some work related gatherings later that day, I waited for him at Starbucks and also at Ministop where I was able to taste this Magnum Classic that I find very scary to eat because it might break If I take a bite 

Hello relaxing Sunday :)

I finished this bar of chocolate in one sitting while watching One Piece, gave just small size to mike wehehe. 
One little square of this fell on the floor, I washed it and "we" ate it (the horror!) hahaha

We also started watching BBC 90's Sherlock series, wherein Jeremy Brett looks exactly the same as I imagined Sherlock in the book!! ^_^

(Gone are the days of series marathon, nowadays we usually watch in tranches, during mealtime, if you happen to wonder how we squeeze something like this despite busy schedule ^_^ )

With all of that sinful food, I made some fresh apple+carrots shake =D

Happy Weekend!!!!

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