Healthy Inspiration: What I'm Loving Lately

I haven't shared some healthy inspiration post for a while eh?

Just wanna share some of what I discovered lately...

Adobong Broccoli!

I never thought broccoli would taste that good - adobo style, soft  and juicy!

Greek Yogurt
Hacienda Macalauan Greek Yogurt - available in SM Supermarket (how convenient!)
But a bit pricey compared to Rizal's Dairy Farm at Php185

Mrs. May Cashew Nuts with sesame seeds
I also love their walnut variety
(also available in SM Supermarket)

Nutsyriya Mushroom Chips from a colleague
available in Podium (bazaar like area in the 3rd floor if I remember)

Strawberry smoothies
I feel like I don't get enough antioxidant in my diet so I'm trying to add berries in my smoothies.
It tastes good and creamy smooth with bananas :) 
If only they are not a bit pricey, I could have them everyday..hmm maybe I should go to Baguio and hoard hehe ;p

Happy weekend and stay healthy! 



  1. your adobong broccoli looks yummy, i wonder how much a broccoli head cost at the supermarket. i think i need a trip at binondo or divi so i can hoard a good stock of veggies.

  2. broccoli is soo expensive, small head at around 30+ already



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