Sugarleaf at Greenhills

We finally visited Sugarleaf and treated ourselves with healthy food. :) This store/cafe meant to be a one -stop shop for healthy stuffs/ a mini mart of locally sourced organic products, more info about them here

We shared a glass of  refreshing strawberry kefir smoothie topped with chia seeds  (Php150)
Kefir is also a cultured milk products like yogurt but with more health benefits. 
More info in sugarleaf site here

Strawberry Kefir Smoothie
And then we tried their goody wraps: Vegetarian wrap(with apple and cucumber) (P148) and 
Crab Mango Wrap (w/c we both like best) (P188). 
It was very filling that I was not able to finish my plate. 
Vegetarian wrap

Crabstick and mango wrap

There were stands full of health goodies and some interesting stuff I found like the malunggay polvoron and mango tams.

I also saw some trail mix, nuts, vegetable quiche to name a few in the glass chiller.

I want a lot of stuffs to buy but I am only set to buy this raw cacao nibs (at P200)  for now. 
I've been on the hunt of raw chocolates for the past weeks, I thought I might as well try this.

Raw cacao nibs

Will post more about raw cacao nibs the soonest.

It  would be nice if there are lot of restaurant like this in the metro :)



  1. raw cacao nibs -unprocessed tablea? tama ba? i passed this store sa health cube everyday but didn't mind to stop because of traffic and parking.

    i'd sample that crabstick and mango wrap at home one of these days. have a happy healthy weekend jewel!

    1. yeah, uber pait, i can only eat 1 per day hehe



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