Lunch at Yakimix

I had a manic week so far, deprived of sleep and exercise.
I hope to recuperate for the next days. 

mike's yakimix treat yesterday was a great start for the weekend :)
Unlike our first time, (where we tried everything),  this time we only chose from grilled and japanese station

and salads too

grilled meat for mike

And then I loaded up on both fresh and grilled fish. It is seldom that I eat seafood in a restaurant, it is just recently I feel that I need some nutrients from fish like omega oils for a healthy brain function. I only had one hour sleep last Thursday. (oh my poor brain cells!)


For the dessert, I had  a few spoons of ice cream and half of mango mochi

while mike can't finish his desserts lolz

Yesterday's lunch fueled us to jog this morning for 30 minutes.
It was so good to get a sweat on after weeks of sedentary life :)

Have a great weekend!


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