Pan de Amerikana, Fast6

Last weekend late post...

We saw Fast6, and loved it. Fast paced and jawdropping stunts :)
It was nostalgic when they show some scenes  from the past movies.
I suggest watching first the previous installments to relate with the characters, where their feelings are coming from.
  As much as I don't want to spoil, I'm a Jason Statham fan so to see him in the next Fast7 will be super coooool!!!! But we hope it won't turn into adult movie ><

The next day, we visited PandeAmerikana in WhitePlains.

Refreshing Calamansi juice

Pork and chicken Adobo Php75

Pinakbet Php40

 We missed home cooked meals! I liked their pinakbet :) and the prices are very affordable!

We like to go back here the soonest!

Happy Weekend!



  1. oh i've been wanting to go here for the longest time and even included this on my breakfast bucket list. i love love those batibot chairs :)

    btw, mafbex will commence on jun 12 until the 16th at the world trade center. i remember your wanting to visit the event. come around and pig out! :)

  2. I also like to visit their branch in marikina.
    and mafbex, yeah i wanna go there too but we're in laguna this weekend and i'm worried about the traffic ><



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