Review: Malagos Chocolate

I preferred the dark bitter chocolates now - it does not make me feel guilty bec they are high in antioxidants, not loaded with sugar and other additives.

I bought Malagos in a food fair some weeks ago and bought the Unsweetened chocolate at P120 and the 65% dark at P130. 

"Our tableyas are hygienically molded from pure chocolate liquor (thick, liquid chocolate paste) ground from our roasted fermented beans, and vacuum-sealed in food-grade plastic envelopes. 

We do not alkalize (or Dutch) our chocolate liquor (which will artificially darken the color and produce a richer taste) as this process will materially diminish the antioxidant content of any cacao product. 

..our tableyas have nothing removed from them, and nothing added to them. They are real, dark chocolate in their raw, untreated, and healthily beneficial form. "  - From their website:

A pack contain about 15-16 pcs if I remember it correctly.

I used 2-3 pcs when I made champorado and then coco sugar as a sweetener

I like the packaging of their chocolate bar, great for gift giving.

I remember to take a photo when we already consumed half of it. ;p
I love the smooth texture and bitter after taste. :)

These are available online at giftfarm,ph and at the ff stores:
Chocolate Lover, QC
Cooks Exchange - Megamall, Rockwell, Glorietta

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  1. Thank you for this post. Many thanks as well for supporting local :-)



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