Weekend: New hair at the country fair

Last friday, we rented a movie from Google Play at $4.99

We've been waiting for "World's End" but it was not shown here in PH. 
Not really related to the first 2 (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) but they are called the Cornetto trilogy. Hmmm well the 3rd one was not as hilarious as the first two movies, it was OA that it almost looks like an anime and it's not wholesome!

Saturday was spent at the salon. After many years, I decided to have my hair rebonded again. 
Sometimes you get that itch to change your hairdo eh

I opted for the Volume Rebond at Pals Salon Pasig branch.After the normal rebond another few hours for the volume rebond so as not to make it look flat.  Hangtagal pala nun! I was there at 9AM and finished at 4PM. O_o 

And then Sunday, my dentist appointment was cancelled so we just went early to Balik Bukid fair   
I was not able to go last time and after seeing ms. january's post I told myself I shouldn't miss the next one.

I bought a bottle of Cesario's Garlic bits in oil P120

Sundream Bananas P110

Bignay chocolate cake (moist and chocolateyy!) and wine from St. Ambrose
Bignay Chocolate Cake P100

Bignay Wine P250
grass fed beef burger from Down to Earth P200
I also bought a room and linen spray. I was hoping to see Domesticity or Gkonomics as I'm planning to buy my christmas gifts but they were not there. 
They also have a live screening of Pacquaio and Rios match. I checked out every booth there while mike watched the undercard's match. I joined him later on when it was already the main event. The audience was cheering loudly! 

new hair at the fair!
I'll blog about the Sta Elena fun farm in detail on my next post ^_^

Have a great week ahead!


  1. oh you went there! i'm glad you enjoy the event.
    btw, i'm interested on your rebond, ok ba sila? how was it after washing?

    1. yes I would go back there if I plan to have a rebond again but I will just have the normal rebond na lang. after washing, my hair is still shiny and soft, same effect with keratin treatment.

  2. When you said normal rebond + volume dalawang apply ng chemicals? Isn't that bad for your hair? :|

  3. hello ask ko lang kung yung volume rebond nila is pa-inward talaga yung end ng hair? thank you.

    1. sori late reply, hindi naman po, parang walang difference for me....



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