Hello November, Long Weekend

Undas 2013

My mom's yearly tradition she called  "Atang" 

I spent most of the time with the puppies :)
I named them SnowBall, SnowBell and SnowBear ;p

I miss them na

Sunday, back in manila

 movie time  \^_^/ 

Sounds like dark and heavy to watch but it was actually funny and entertaining. There's something about the screen chemistry between  Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. I usually cringe whenever I see a kissing scene but for these two, they look so sweet!

We didn't know that there was a 2nd post credit scene! ;(

Then dinner at Prince of Persia
I'm not that hungry so I only had a chicken wrap (P95) (with a not so soft chicken) while M had a tasty  Beef Kebab (P270).

We looked at the stalls of the bazaars nearby and took a photo of this wall art made of bottle caps.

December is fast approaching, I'm already thinking what to give for Christmas :/



  1. what is "atang" made of? it looks like biko :)
    oh my, you got cute and cuddly pups again!

  2. What's atang?

    Ang cute ng name na binigay mo sa mga puppies most especially snowballs.

  3. @january @june, "atang" hmmm there is a belief that their loved one souls visit the house so they need to prepare food for them hehe



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